Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to update this dead blog..lol

Erm, no doubt that this blog is dead.
i did not update this blog for few months already..haha
Every time also have to get complaint then only will update..lol
Haiz, it's okie..i have nothing to do anyway..
This holiday is really boring, like usual.
everyday sleep, then wake up, wake up then eat, eat then play, play then sleep, sleep then wake up...like a bad circle..now i know why am i getting fatter and fatter..wahaha
But its okie, because can fat is a good thing..right? Not everyone can get fat, only people with **** can get fatter...haha

By the way, tomorrow may be he day or honor or doom. i really hope that i can get a very good result. This is to prove that my result got improve, this is for my parent to understand my effort and i have already grew up.

Erm, They said Robin Hood is a good movie, i have already check the show time. 3.15PM got one show..Should i watch it? or..can i?haha

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Finally i past the week that full of assignment, presentation and exam..
but why am i still tired?..this is because..hehe..i went to the utar gym juz now..
not bad..gt add some new machine..and some previous machine spoiled..==

By the way, i did not sweat much..my oil layer is too thick perhaps?
haha..alrite..i am reli damn tired..
take a rest first..goodbye all..hehe

Friday, November 13, 2009

No title

Haiz..why this sem past so fast?everything to fast..
i not even have a time to stop and breath, stare the thing happen around me..
When people get older and older, the time will past faster is it?
Who had stole the time from me?..me myself..waste it..

This week is a stressfull week..2 Presentation, 2 assignment and 2 examination..
What makes my life so hard? I keep on thinking bout this que..
You know, sometimes i just hope that 2012 is really the end of the world..hehe

P/S: i am not TERRORIST!!XD

Ok, its time for me to study again..i guess..i hope i will..hehe
Sometimes thing just not happen as what we expect..usually would not..hehe
But its alright, life is unpredictable..
Everyone can be miracle..
Work best for yout tomoro so that you wont regret ya!
cheers my friends!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final result....GDI

God damn it...my final result came out...
ahhh..damn moody..then you know how bad was my result...
Luckily Quantitative technic got past...
I dont need to see this subject anymore..thank god(for this sub only)
God let me down on other subject..the result is really far apart from my expectation..
haiz...while while while
it is PAST

i am ready for my sem 3..
i have lack of time to pull back my cgpa..

i am listening BAD DAY while writing this blog..
ya..today is really a bad day...
but not for tomorro..
P/S: i have remove this song from my playlist=)

Monday, October 12, 2009

My holidays life sucks!

ahhh..long time did not update my blod d..
someone complaint..alright alright..
i just try to drag something inside..
what should i crapping about?
Erm..my life?
my holiday life?
more boring..

alright, then lets talk about my holiday life since it is boring..wahaha
this is the third week of my holidays
If you ask me what i hane donw..arghh..nothing
everyday woke up..open pc..drink water
brush my teeth..and..what am i talking about?zzz
now that my life...

after that sit over there, on msn..
then start chating..then take my boring breakfast..
damn ya..then while eating my breakfast..
watch some animation..i just like NARUTO recently..
then start chating again while on facebook and forum..i am juz like a multitasking pc..LOL
now that not the most thing i cound do..

ytd, i chat online, pick some file to transfer, watch movie in pc, forum, facebook..and then watch drama on television..LOL
now i am feel like a briliant..isnt't it?

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today is 31 May 2009 sunday..
Tommoro i will start my degree year 1 sem 2..
Many bad thing happen recently..not to say bad,,dont know how to say..
but it is just bothering me...i cant slep well tis few days..
yesterday 7.30 only slep..this is only happen when i am taking QT test..
now its happen again..why? Hvt start school then feel pressure and insomia d?
i also dont know...

I know you guys care about me..
but please dont over flood your love..yes really..
i need some space...i not require much...
just a little little space for me to breath...yes you can know my life..what am i doing..where am i..
but please dont control me...i am a human..i desperate for freedom..
this is usually a thing request by adolescent..
but why am i still asking for...ya i also dont know...

Yes i know you cant slep tight at night..
but i cant slep at night..
i noe you are suffering headache...
so as i and also eye painfull cause by dryness..
Pls dont worry me tooooo much ok..
i am still ok...everything is so simple at the begining..
now..everything gone wrong..turning up side down..

i am a strong people...
i can adapt to any bad situation including farewell...
it is just not too imporatant for me till i need to go and kill myself nor no mood to study..
that make me ZZZZ...you may think that i not understand..
but i tell ya..i knew that feeling..so you got me?

and i admit that i am quite playfull and outgoing person..
these are my personality, i cant always slep before 12am..alway sit there are study..
i cant...that why i am studying business now..and it is marketing..
do you ever see a marketer always stay at home?
i dont think so, if yes..they already threw their job i guess..
i am so glab that i am kinda stuborn to change this style..
or else..i dont know where should i go..

That all i wanna say..
i dont know hoe many point you can get..
but i have to conclude my post by saying:
"Thank for your caring and love, i am fine..dont worry for me..i am still cool"


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back to kampar(soon)

Yes...Tommoro i will get back to kampar..
Why am i so happy?
this is because...
Duh...it is a secret and i am not going to tell ya..lmao

Well, happiness not really cover all the sadness i got..
i have to leave my hometown soon...
haiz..i only back for 10 days...
but..no cure..
i have some business to carry on in kampar..
what is the business??
something personal...
what that personal?
it is..ya..i am not going to tell you again...
wahaha..i am turning crazy already..
keep on talking to myself...
bla bla bla..

May be hapiness have already paralyze me..stunt~
By the way...When you gain something, at the same time, you lose something..
Get what i say?
think on your own..=P

Wish you guys have a happy day as i have alright?
Good night~