Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to update this dead blog..lol

Erm, no doubt that this blog is dead.
i did not update this blog for few months already..haha
Every time also have to get complaint then only will update..lol
Haiz, it's okie..i have nothing to do anyway..
This holiday is really boring, like usual.
everyday sleep, then wake up, wake up then eat, eat then play, play then sleep, sleep then wake up...like a bad circle..now i know why am i getting fatter and fatter..wahaha
But its okie, because can fat is a good thing..right? Not everyone can get fat, only people with **** can get fatter...haha

By the way, tomorrow may be he day or honor or doom. i really hope that i can get a very good result. This is to prove that my result got improve, this is for my parent to understand my effort and i have already grew up.

Erm, They said Robin Hood is a good movie, i have already check the show time. 3.15PM got one show..Should i watch it? or..can i?haha

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